simiz fashion

A prize gives right to those who believe in you!

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, at the “Champions in Business” Gala for the Moldavian Region, organized in the Great Hall of the National Theater in Iasi, SIMIZ FASHION received a Special Award as a reward for the work done in recent years, being one of the more dynamic entrepreneurial companies in this area of the country.

“Business Champion” is an entrepreneurship program that discovers, promotes and rewards the most successful Romanian entrepreneurs in three annual events in Cluj, Iasi and Bucharest. This concept rewards business models and entrepreneurs who have had the courage to invest and believe in their mission, have created jobs and contributed significantly to the country’s economic development.

The prize received by SIMIZ FASHION is a certainty of the performance achieved by our company, which created and maintained jobs, brought value through innovation and quality, thus contributing to the development of the community in Vrancea County.

This distinction is just another step on the way to the business performance that SIMIZ FASHION started many years ago, a way we look at now with confidence.


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